Premium Luxe Facials: The Stem Cell Facial

The Stem Cell Facial | 80 minutes | 250$ Special introductory rate of 180$ 

The Stem Cell Facial is the most comprehensive of the Premium Luxe Facials I offer, which are a series of luxurious, targeted facials using medical grade peels and treatments, while still incorporating full face, arm, and foot massage. This transforming treatment’s primary goal is to brighten the skin and target aging in both acne prone and severely dry skin, while focussing on sun damage and scarring. This facial features a light TCA peel which brightens and eradicates scarring, followed by a mask made from freshly blended noni berries, chrysanthemums, and a variety of plant stem cells including wine grape and pomegranate, and then is micro needled into the skin to deliver these super nutrients to the deepest layer of skin cells. This facial also includes an active antioxidant mask packet to take home and be used over the next 3 nights.

The Stem Cell Facial includes décolletage, hands and neck and is 80 minutes in length.

Detailed Description

Diamond tip microdermabrasion

Steam and complete extractions

Deep tissue facial massage with sesame butter, and a blend of over 20 different ayurvedic extracts
TCA peel to address scarring

La Prairie hydrating heated hand mask

Organic custom enzyme mask



Foot and arm massage

Fresh custom blended mask incorporating live plant stem cells, grapeseeds, fresh tea flowers and noni berries.


Complimentary 3 night antioxidant mask packet to extend the benefits of the treatment.

This special introductory rate ends June 16th.



All facials include a consultation to evaluate your skin’s needs and address any concerns before we begin before your treatment.

We will discuss your goals, and determine what is working well for you, and what needs to change. Because the skin is an organ and a system, I address diet, exercise, sleep, herbs and vitamins equally to topical skin care and facial treatments. The products I work with are carefully selected after years of research.
I consider my relationship with my clients to be an ongoing journey, and am always available via email or phone to discuss your skin’s health, and all questions you have regarding beauty and wellness.

Brigitte Tolson

Esthetician & Surgical Technologist

My experiences working in the beauty and wellness industry have fueled my passion for writing, and sharing what I have learned with my clients and friends. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and feel free to contact me with inquiries and article requests.

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